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Are you ready to purchase a new car but are unsure what make or model to go for?

At Athens Chevrolet, Inc., we have the perfect selection of high-quality Chevrolet that are both reliable and efficient for all your roadside adventures! We’ve been a part of the vehicle market for over 14 years in Athens, so we’re experienced when it comes to buying and selling durable cars, trucks, and SUVs. Whether you’re already a proud Chevrolet owner or want to try out one for the first time, our dealership is here to show you how Chevrolets rise above their competitors.

Chevrolets are made by excellent manufacturers who prioritize your safety as well as your bank account. Between affordability and fuel efficiency, you can’t do much better than a Chevrolet if you’re looking for a vehicle that will give you every bang for your buck- and more! Stop by our lot or visit our website to learn more about our fantastic deals and ways you can reserve your new Chevrolet today!

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Did you know that you can claim one of our brand-new cars before it’s even displayed at our dealership? Our website keeps you up to date on vehicles in transit, meaning that you can reserve any of our stock before it even hits the ground! All you have to do is fill out a form on our website, which will automatically be sent to one of our staff members for processing. For more information about this procedure, or questions about how it works, contact us at Athens Chevrolet, Inc. at any time!

WHY BUY A NEW Chevrolet IN Athens, GA?

We want to satisfy all your vehicle needs here at our dealership, which is why we seek to understand you and your family’s preferences and budget restrictions.

Buying a car at Athens Chevrolet, Inc. can be stress-free with the help of our professional technicians and finance specialists, so don’t hesitate to ask for some friendly assistance from any of our staff if you feel lost.

The models we carry have proven to be capable vehicles, with impressive safety tech and innovative features that will help you enjoy your time on the road no matter where you’re headed.


Interested in learning more about our financing and valuing of your trade?

Our leases are facilitated by some of the most dedicated finance specialists you’ll ever meet here at Athens Chevrolet, Inc.! Finding the best payment process that won’t leave your bank account reeling is our passion, and we’re proud of how our team members can make a new car possible for almost any family. You can also enjoy the added benefit of receiving a newly updated vehicle every few years through the leasing process at our dealership.

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Geared up about all that Athens Chevrolet, Inc. has to offer? We look forward to scheduling a test drive with you soon. Head on over to our lot and browse our extensive inventory or reserve a new car on our website today!

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